DEFENDER by Scorpion Automotive - Leisure Vehicle Alarm and Tracking System

Install an alarm and tracking device for your caravan or motorhome that enables you to check status from your smart phone. Beesmart Leisure supply and install a Thatcham approved leisure vehicle alarm and tracking system Defender by Scorpion Automotive.

Caravan Alarm and Tracking System

Defender By Scorpion Automotive - Combined Alarm And Tracking System

  • All units comply to Thatcham Category 2>1 standards meaning you could benefit from reduced insurance premiums for your vehicle.
  • ScorpionTrack S7, S5 and S5+ trackers are monitored 24/7 all year round.
  • Alarms have battery backup siren so if power is disconnected from the alarm or siren when the alarm is active, the backup siren will saound.
  • If triggered the alarm will sound and alert moinitoring team who will contact you to confirm a theft. This is where the combination of a tracker kicks in, allowing your vehicle to be tracked and aid in recovery if stolen.

Vehicle Tracking

ScorpionTrack S5

  • Insurance Approved, Thatcham S5 GPS Vehicle Tracker
  • 24/7/365 Theft Monitoring
  • Automatic Driver Recognition System (ADR)
  • Live Tracking, Journey History and Vehicle Management.
Scorpion Track S5 - Caravan Tracking System