Motorhome Built In Wifi

Beesmart Leisure of Telford can supercharge your motorhome internet connection with MAXVIEW WiFi.

  • Wi-Fi 4G 5G, Satellite TV, Terrestrial TV
  • Connectivity on demand without having to rely on campsite WiFi
  • Stream, surf and share your favourite content on up to 10 devices inside and outside your vehicle
  • Use at your destination and in motion
Motorhome Mobile Internet

MAXVIEW are a leading manufacturer of terrestrial TV, satellite TV and Wi-Fi equipment for caravans and motorhomes.

WiFi Boosters

Stay Connected

People with Smart TV's at home often wish to transfer the same viewing experiences into their motorhome so when they are away they don't miss their favourite Netflix series or they can watch their favourite film on Prime Video or catch up with soaps via BBCiplayer or ITV Hub.

Motorhome WiFi
If you are typically using your vehicle in proximity to WiFi sources, such as a campsite, pub stopover or similar then the iBoost WiFi booster could help make the best of that connection.
Motorhome Mobile Broadband
Built in WiFi gives you the freedom to explore the best that the UK, Europe and beyond has to offer without the worry of losing connectivity.
Motorhome Satellite Internet
Automatic connectivity for business users with a guaranteed Internet Connection.